In this guide to website design for small businesses, we provide key insider marketing tips to improve your website along with the tools you need to do so. By using the suggestions outlined in this post, you can craft a fantastic website and boost your brand’s online presence. 

Let’s start with a thought exercise to explore why website design matters in the first place.  

Before you started reading the first sentence of this blog post, you had already decided if you like this webpage or not. That’s right – in a mere span of 50 milliseconds, your mind had already formed a powerful first impression about the visual appeal of this page. Let’s take a minute and explore the psychology behind this.  

Take a few moments and look at this stock photo of an ice cream cone: 


Congrats – you just activated a complex and innate organizational system in your brain that we once used to distinguish prey and aggressors. Any visual information, including the ice cream cone you just looked at, is swiftly sent from your visual cortex to other regions of your brain in order to prompt a suitable response from you. 

It’s human nature to judge a book by its cover – or a webpage by a momentary visual scan.

The ability to rapidly categorize and process visual information is deeply engrained in our cognitive evolution. Your brain made a snap judgement about the ice cream cone as a non-living, nonthreatening, and perhaps desirable object if you happen to be hungry right now. In the same way, your brain made an instant snap judgement about this webpage the second it loaded.  

The Importance of Effective Website Design for Small Businesses 

Our ability to form quick first impressions is a critical reason your website needs to have top-tier visual appeal. You could have the most fantastic, compelling content on your website but if your site lacks visual appeal, visitors won’t make it far enough to appreciate your content. If you want to reach your target consumer, stellar visual communication on your website is essential. If your content is gold it needs to glitter, and that’s where effective website design can help your brand shine.

In today’s digital age a polished, attention-grabbing, and professional website is no longer optional. Your website functions like a storefront – when potential customers “window shop” online, they peruse a multitude of options. You need your website to stand out from the rest, and lure in potential customers to browse through your services and eventually convert into sales.

You can accomplish this with the 3 Key Steps laid out in this Comprehensive Guide to Website Design for Small Businesses.