Step 1 – Choosing a Website Design Tool

The first step is choosing a website design tool that best suits your needs. There are many important suggestions for website design for small businesses, which we discuss later in this post. The following website design tools can help you implement those suggestions:


WordPress can be hosted through a third party (Bluehost for example) or hosted on a local server. This platform is considered to be the most versatile out of web building platforms and ranges from free if locally hosted, to $5-$15 dollars per month for professionally hosted. Unfortunately, WordPress suffers from numerous significant security flaws and is also considered one of the most vulnerable web design tools.


Squarespace is a hosting and web design tool company. For $14.99 per month they provide both hosting and an extremely intuitive tool to build sleek looking websites. Additional tiers that include the ability to take payments cost more. We recommend that many beginners who do not need complex websites begin with Squarespace. 


Wix is another design/hosting company hybrid. Wix essentially occupies the same place as Squarespace. It is somewhat more technical and difficult to use but makes up for that by being very versatile.