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Competitive, forward-thinking companies are constantly searching for ways to use the latest technologies to foster continued growth. Because of this, Software as a Service (SaaS) has surged in popularity. Business leaders have recognized that SaaS brings considerable benefits to the table. These benefits include:

  • Cost reduction via subscription-based pricing that allows companies to order streamlined packages
  • The ability to access upgrades and fixes immediately
  • An easier path to productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Flexibility and scalability 
  • Integration with many other software packages and apps

SaaS companies are experiencing more interest in their services as well as greater subscription volumes. That’s a positive, but it also means there is much more competition. This competition makes it that much more difficult to get in front of customers who are searching for the best SaaS options for their companies.

Additionally, there are many businesses that are new to the concept of SaaS. So it’s imperative that companies both educate consumers and build trust.

In order to accomplish their goals, many SaaS brands have embraced the value that only a SaaS SEO agency can bring to the table. 

By doing so, they have found that they get the assistance they need in aligning their SEO strategy with their marketing goals, ranking higher for relevant keywords, and outpacing their competitors. All of this is thanks to working with SEO experts who understand SaaS.

While SaaS companies are receiving the help they need, they can focus on delivering quality products that their customers expect. Meanwhile, the pros at the SaaS agency can focus on building and executing an SEO strategy that is specifically designed for SaaS companies. 

How do you get started? Here are some insights into the value of SaaS SEO agencies, what to consider when looking for agencies for your brand, and the services that these companies offer.

Industry-Specific SEO Companies

It’s helpful to understand what SEO is, what an SEO company does, and how businesses can benefit from contracting with SEO experts. 

The term SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” It describes the process experts take to ensure that the content created by or for a business meets the criteria set by search engines for top positions in search results for relevant keywords. Ideally, this leads users to content that is most relevant to them.

SEO is valuable as people generally turn to Google and other search engines when they want to buy or research products and services. 

Further, when they do a search, most people will only pay attention to the first few links on page one of the search engines results pages (SERPs). Businesses need to focus on SEO to get customers to their websites, blog posts, and landing pages. This need for an SEO focus includes SaaS companies.

SEO agencies have teams of experts who understand how search engines view content and other features when determining how to rank pages. They make use of ranking tools and trackers. 

They also continually stay on top of industry changes, as search engines frequently make changes to the algorithms they use to analyze and position websites. 

It’s important for businesses to partner with SEO companies in order to be seen by potential customers. Additionally, if a company is in a competitive niche, they should consider working with an SEO agency that specifically works with brands in their industry.

Industry-Specific SEO Agencies

While there are many universal rules to SEO, the process of optimizing can look very different from one industry to another. For example, SEO is significantly different for a company that manages investments than it would be for a local bakery. 

Because of this disparity, many SEO experts have worked to develop skills that are useful to businesses in a specific industry. Think of it like a doctor who has gone on to become a specialist in a particular field of medicine. 

A SaaS SEO agency is uniquely qualified to help SaaS companies with search engine optimization that is proven to work for their industry. By partnering with one of these agencies, a SaaS company has a better chance at achieving top-of-page rankings.

SaaS SEO Services

When searching for the right SaaS SEO agency, it’s important to understand which services are available. With industry-specific SEO, these services are customized to help each client achieve their goals.

SEO Keywords

Keywords are still foundational to SEO. However, the most powerful and relevant keywords can vary from one industry to the next. 

SEO agencies use SEO keyword tools to help determine which keyword phrases are most relevant for the company, the industry it’s in, and its customers. Companies that are researching SaaS SEO companies should ask:

  • Which keyword research and ranking tools do you use?
  • How do you determine the keywords that are best for optimization?
  • What other steps will you take to guarantee top-of-page ranking?

Even when SEO companies specialize in a specific industry, there are often significant differences from one agency to another. Their approach to SEO may vary, and so will the specific services they offer. It’s important to spend time engaging with each agency to go over their approach and specific ideas for your SaaS company. 

Be wary of companies that claim to have a single, proven strategy for getting SEO results. There is no single way to do SEO. In fact, no company should offer a strategy until they have conducted a current state analysis and done a consultation with the SaaS marketing team.

In order to be successful, every digital marketing campaign must be supported by a solid SEO strategy. This strategy should include the following components:

  • Content marketing
  • Competitor research
  • Backlink campaigns
  • Local SEO
  • Negative SEO response
  • Website SEO optimization

When SaaS companies work with SEO companies that offer a full suite of services, they are more likely to gain the attention of customers searching for their services.

SEO Agency Selection

After a business has a better understanding of the services that are “under the umbrella” of SEO, the search for the right agency can begin. At this stage, it’s important to remember that there is no single best SEO agency. 

Instead, the best choice is to partner with an agency that understands SaaS and is in the best position to help establish both rank and authority. Keep in mind that not all SaaS companies have the same needs, so not every SaaS SEO company will be the perfect match.

For example, a SaaS company might research SEO agencies that don’t just have experience in its industry but also in a more specific niche. A SaaS startup might choose to look for companies that specialize in helping emerging brands get noticed online. 

Any SaaS company that plans to expand its operations globally should probably ask potential SEO partners about expertise in this area. By focusing on SEO agencies that can truly meet their needs, SaaS companies can expect more traffic, increased conversions, and wider reach.

SaaS professionals will quickly find out that SEO services involve a significant investment. 

It’s imperative to ask each potential agency for references and testimonials. Any recommendations from other SaaS companies should hold more weight, of course — the key point being that it’s important to dig deeper than the company’s own claims.

The Benefits of Using an SEO Agency

There is no shortage of digital agencies that have expanded their services to include SEO. 

However, to get the best results, it’s best to partner with an agency that focuses on SEO. This need is especially relevant for SaaS companies. They will always benefit by partnering with an agency that understands both SEO and the specific needs of SaaS brands. 

SaaS is a rapidly growing industry that requires very technical knowledge and the ability to market to a specific audience. SaaS SEO doesn’t simply focus on rankings. It also prioritizes awareness, authority, and growth. This focus is what potential customers are looking for when they search SaaS-relevant keywords.

SaaS SEO Competency

Any SEO agency that is truly going to help a SaaS company with its SEO strategy must have a significant understanding of SaaS. This understanding should include:

  • Industry vocabulary and jargon
  • Benefits of the SaaS products and services to customers
  • The SaaS company’s goals
  • Factors that differentiate the SaaS company from its competitors

Without these competencies, an SEO partner simply isn’t going to be able to get the best possible results. This need is why it’s so important for SaaS companies to work with an agency that is fully competent in SaaS. A SaaS SEO agency will help them build a profitable SEO strategy and strengthen their online presence.                                                

More About SaaS Marketing Firms

There are some other important points that make it a good idea for SaaS companies to connect with SaaS marketing agencies. By doing so, SaaS firms can feel more confident that their SEO strategy will be based on both strong digital marketing knowledge and SaaS competency.

The best place to start is by taking a close look at different SaaS SEO agency web pages. This analysis can lead to great insights into each agency’s services, understanding of the industry, and past successes. 

Armed with this information SaaS company leaders can choose marketing agencies that are best positioned to create a strategy that aligns with their business goals.

Important Principles About SaaS Marketing

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re considering an agency partner for your SEO and marketing needs. 

Primarily, make sure that the agency truly does specialize in SaaS SEO work. Many agencies will put a blurb or two referencing SaaS, but in reality, they don’t really specialize. They simply mention SaaS in an effort to boost their own SEO ranking for this niche. 

To verify this, ask the agency to provide you with clear evidence of the results they get for SaaS companies.

Additionally, the SaaS SEO firm should be willing to sit down for a thorough consultation. This conversation should include a discussion about how the agency might approach improving the company’s online presence and help it reach its marketing goals. 

If a company is willing to take the time to discuss such details, that is a good sign that they are serious about building a long-term partnership.

Finally, communication is absolutely key. It should be ongoing and via agreed-upon channels. Additionally, the SaaS team and the SEO team must be able to understand one another and work together cooperatively. 

What to Expect from a B2B SaaS SEO Strategy

You’ve taken steps to choose an agency that understands SaaS and can work with your team. Their vision for your SEO strategy aligns with your organizational goals. Now what?

Your B2B SEO strategy will be created with the goal of increasing your online presence using organic methods. This approach will ensure that your company is discoverable by as many potential customers as possible when they search for your products and services, including customers who:

  • Search for your software in order to gather more information about your product
  • Search for products and services that are in your niche
  • Are ready to purchase products and services in your niche and may be converted with special offers or prices
  • Want to read content related to your products and services in order to learn more specifics about them

Further, a good SEO strategy will be designed to target customers in various stages in the buyer’s journey. It will also take into consideration the specifics of B2B marketing, which includes the existence of multiple decision-makers and longer approval processes.

Focusing on these customer behaviors can help you work with your agency to create and vet your SEO strategy. Ultimately, this should increase organic traffic and boost conversions. This strategy will lead to better digital marketing ROI and save money on PPC advertising costs.

Learn More About SaaS SEO

If you’d like to learn more about SaaS SEO services, we can help. Our team specializes in revenue-focused SEO for SaaS companies. We would love to learn more about your organizational goals and design a proposal for creating a customized SEO strategy for your company. Contact us for a free SEO consultation.